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Zebra lancerer ny etiketprinter

01.05.2014 19:12 Kategori: Sidste nyt, Nyhedsbrev

Zebra Technologies is pleased to announce the new ZT400 Series printers, available on 8th May 2014.

Building on the ZM™ Series’ proven reputation for reliability, the ZT400 Series delivers advancements in print speed, connectivity options, management and support tools. Engineered for years of performance in the most demanding environments, Zebra’s ZT400 Series printers are extremely durable and designed to grow with users’ evolving business needs. Featuring Zebra’s Link-OS® environment, the ZT400 Series printers are easy to integrate, manage and maintain from any location.

Whether users choose the ZT410™ for 4-inch-wide printing, or the ZT420™ for print widths up to 6 inches, they’ll enjoy easy, end-user-installable media-handling options to customise printers to match their needs.

With the introduction of ZT400 Series printers, we are also announcing the discontinuation of the existing ZM400, ZM600, RZ400 and RZ600 printers.

Ideal for many applications and loaded with new features

In Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, applications such as work-in-process, shipping and compliance labelling are ideal for the ZT400. However, business of many types will also benefit from the advanced features of the ZT400.

The ZT400 compliments Zebra’s existing ZT200 Series industrial printers. The ZT200 is ideal for customers that have lower volume applications; the ZT400 Series with its increased processing power and memory offers improved performance and a broader range of standard features and options.

The new features of the ZT400 Series deliver application flexibility, and make the printer easier than ever to maintain and simple to manage and operate.

- Ethernet and Bluetooth now standard

- Two open media slots for optional connectivity, including 802.11 a/b/g/n.

- USB host support enables simple printer configuration and expanded mapped-drive memory capabilities.

- Intuitive and lighted media loading path.

Dynamic QR codes for on-demand, web-based support to resolve printer errors quickly.

Link-OS support brings many benefits including Virtual Devices, which enable support for legacy and competitor printer languages for a future-proofed investment. Profile Manager enables you to manage one printer, batches of printers or all Link-OS printers across your network anywhere in the world.

Optional, expanded RFID capabilities enable greater tracking capabilities, visibility and enterprise insight. The 600dpi ZT410 configuration is ideal for small-label applications such as electronics, jewellery and small-container labelling.

Zebra’s new ZT400 series - a faster, even more reliable and easy-to-use printer built for the most demanding printing environments.

End of Life Announcement for the ZM Series and RZ Series Printers

With the introduction of ZT400 Series printers, the existing ZM400, ZM600, RZ400 and RZ600 printers will be discontinued.  No new orders for ZM Series or RZ Series printers will be accepted after 31st July 2014 and must be scheduled for shipment no later than 30th September 2014.  Service, parts and support will continue to be available for approximately three years from the last date of shipment.

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